Risks of cannabis dependency

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Health Risks of Marijuana

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Effects of Marijuana

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Dangers of Marijuana: Long-Term Effects on the Brain and Body

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Cannabis use disorder

People who use marijuana frequently often report irritability, mood and sleep difficulties, decreased appetite, cravings, restlessness, and/or various forms of physical discomfort that peak within the first week after quitting and last up to 2 weeks.

20,21 Marijuana dependence occurs when the brain adapts to large amounts of the drug by. Cannabis dependence was associated with more financial difficulties than was alcohol dependence; no difference was found in risks for other economic or social problems.

Cannabis dependence is not associated with fewer harmful economic and social problems than alcohol dependence. Cannabis: Pharmacology, Psychoactive Agents and Drug Interactions Ureh Nena Lekwauwa, M.D., D.F.A.P.A.

For every cannabis user who develops a dependency, in DSM-5 terminology -a moderate to severe views of the benefits and risks of medical cannabis but almost everyone agrees further research is needed.

Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant.

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The plant contains the mind-altering chemical THC and other related compounds. People use marijuana by smoking, eating, drinking, or inhaling it.

Addiction to marijuana may cause someone to withdraw from social activities that involve the family, work, school or recreational functions. The loss of interest may be the result of the carelessness or recklessness that often accompany long-term marijuana use.

Background: Cannabis is the most commonly consumed illicit drug around the world; in Germany, about % of all adults use it each year. Intense cannabis use is associated with health risks.

Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real Risks of cannabis dependency
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