Odysseus static character

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Character Analysis: Penelope from the Odyssey Essay

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Odysseus is an example of what kind of character?

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A. epic hero B. tragic hero C. static character D. secondary character Odysseus is an example of an epic hero. Dynamic vs. Static Characters Characters experience varying amounts of change over the course of a story.

Two types of characters are • Static characters that do not experience basic character changes during the course of. Character Analysis: Penelope from the Odyssey Essay. Character Analysis: Penelope from the Odyssey Penelope may not be as prominent as the other characters in Homer’s The Odyssey, but she still is one of the most crucial major characters in the story.

In sum, for a character analysis of Telemakhos, it is fair to say he is not on equal footing with his heroic father but his character is fully developed by the end of the text. He now has a greater understanding of who he is both in terms of his family and himself and despite the fact that he may never match the great Odysseus, he is.

A dynamic character is one that changes in a significant way throughout the course of the literature. Odysseus breaks the mold of most epic. A listing of events for Odysseus Aettir. You have no connection with this character.

Odysseus static character
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