How does golding present the theme

William Golding Topics

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Lord of the Flies

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Caleb for example is a story who enjoys the architecture of others. Sample essays WJEC 1 Look at the opening section of the novel up to ‘He smeared the sweat from his cheeks and quickly 2 How does Golding present Jack’s leadership qualities in Lord of the Flies?

Grade C answer Jack is a dictator, while Ralph is set up as a democratic leader.

Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies

Golding uses the island to present the boys, who represent society, a situation where they are isolated and secluded from civilization. The island gives us a chance to see how society reacts in such a situation, and how eventually, mob mentality gets the best of humans.

Lord of the Flies refers to Beelzebub, another name for the devil. He is also called the Lord of Filth and Dung. He is also called the Lord of Filth and Dung. Throughout the novel, the children grow dirtier and dirtier, an outward reflection of their inner state.

Golding suggests that while evil may be present in us all, it can be successfully suppressed by the social norms that are imposed on our behavior from without or by the moral norms we decide are inherently "good," which we can internalize within our wills. Golding develops this theme by having his characters establish a democratic assembly, which is greatly affected by the verbal violence of Jack's power-plays, and an army of hunters, which ultimately forms a small military dictatorship.

Techniques used to construct theme in Lord of the Flies is that the qualities possessed by these characters are usd to promote and reinforce Golding's theme. These are only some of the techniques used by Golding to communicate theme.

The Lord of the Flies – Themes

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How does golding present the theme
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