Business law in the future

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Business Law (Area of Concentration)

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Future Challenges in Employment Law

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The Future of Legal Business — International Law Firms

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She presented her four “laws of the future” at the WorldatWork’s Annual Conference: If something is unsustainable in the long run, it will come to an end. If something big is. Business Law (Area of Concentration) Faculty Advisor/Director: Professor Chris Nicholls.

The Business Law Area of Concentration offers students interested in the legal aspects of business the opportunity to develop their knowledge and expertise in business law and policy. As a result of the freedom of establishment (Niederlassungsfreiheit) as laid down by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and formed by European Court of Justice case law, the number of German companies regulated by the Codetermination Act dropped from roughly in.


Business Law and Regulatory Pressures: Doing What You Believe In

Gillam My distinguished senior colleagues, Professors Frascona, Raphael, Dillavou and Lavine, have stated the raison d'~tre of business law. As a business lawyer, you will need to plan for the future, without a crystal ball or GPS.

To help your new client succeed and confront unexpected turns in the road, you will also need a flexible road map to navigate various crossroads and allow for alternate destinations.

Business law in the future
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The Future of Legal Business — International Law Firms: Bucerius Law School