Blasphemous movie on prophet muhammad

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US blasphemous movie on Prophet (SAW) angers Valley

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Aug 27,  · The historical period drama, said to be the first part of a trilogy, focuses on prophet Muhammad's childhood. It is of note that, the filmmaker, working within the confines of Islamic conventions, cannot show Muhammad's face, which undeniably renders the project formidable/10(7K).

A controversial film against Islam: A very controversial topic a few years back was the Dutchman who had produced a controversial film against Islam and our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. This encouraged a lot of anti-Islamic groups to emerge.

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South Park parodied Scientology in a short that aired as part of the MTV Movie short was entitled "The Gauntlet" and also poked fun at John Travolta, a Scientologist. The season five () episode "Super Best Friends" features illusionist David Blaine forming his own cult, called "Blaintology." Parker and Stone have.

Nov 21,  · The documentary named ˈThe Prophetˈ is the first media response of the Islamic world to the defamatory American movie and will come out in Persian, English and Arabic.

Blasphemous movie on prophet muhammad
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True History of Islam, Mohammed and the Koran